House Cleaning in Phoenix, AZ

These days, it’s hard to find time to clean the house. You don’t always have time to run a vacuum, clean the bathroom, wash the windows or tidy up. Instead of spending your weekends frantically trying to catch up on house cleaning in Phoenix, AZ, reach out to Steam Carpet Cleaners AZ and let us take care of everything! We deliver the top-level of cleanliness you expect while you spend your time doing more enjoyable things.

  • Carpets

    We can thoroughly vacuum carpets for a routine approach to cleaning or steam them thoroughly for deep cleaning and stain extraction. This is a cornerstone of our house cleaning service in Phoenix, AZ and we promise you’ll see and feel the results immediately.

  • Upholstery

    No matter the fabric or style of your upholstery, you can count on us to safely and effectively clean it. We’re an experienced upholstery cleaner in Phoenix, AZ, working quickly to restore the comfort and appeal of your furniture.

  • Rugs and mats

    Rugs and mats can be difficult to clean on your own. Leave it to us! Our team properly steams and cleans them so they can continue to protect your hardwood or other flooring material.

  • Window cleaning

    Tired of streaks on your windows or dirty panes that obstruct your view? Look to our experts to wash your windows effectively, without any streaks, water stains or other marks!

  • Power washing

    Your exterior surfaces can quickly become caked with dirt and grime. Our power washing services completely strip away dirt and debris to leave sidewalks, siding, patios and decks looking great.

Maid Services

Looking for someone to come by and give your home a general cleaning regularly? Ask us about scheduled maid services! We’re capable of tidying up your home and delivering cleaning basics on an ongoing basis, so your home always feels like it was freshly cleaned and well-maintained.

maid home cleaning services

Let us Clean Your Home

You deserve to be comfortable in the place where you live. Don’t let your busy lifestyle keep you from cleaning—leave it to us instead! Contact Steam Carpet Cleaners AZ today at 602-350-3285 to get a free estimate on house cleaning or maid services.

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